The pervasive practice of one parent against the other parent

Parental Alienation destroys the parent-child relationship with the targeted parent and their family

Fight Against Parental Alienation

The impact of Parental Alienation on children poses grave consequences leading to low self-esteem, lack of trust, self-hatred, and depression. It is one of the significant causes of substance abuse and suicidal behaviour in children. The condition is so severe that an innocent child loses his/her capacity to give and accept love from a parent.

Impact of Parental Alienation on children

Through Haunsla Haara Nahi Children’s Foundation, we aim to spread and enhance awareness about Parental Alienation. We want people to come forward without any fear and, speak against Parental Alienation, and advocate Shared Parenting and save our children from any abuse and injustice due to manipulation by one parent against the other.

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