We are a community of alienated parents advocating

Shared parenting so our children can have a promising future!

Who we are

Community of alienated parents

We are a community of alienated parents advocating shared parenting which heals the children from trauma of divorce. We want our children to be shielded from family violence and be safe from any abuse and injustice due to manipulation by one parent against the other.

Being victims of Parental Alienation, we miss precious time with our children during their tender years and do not want more people to suffer like us. Therefore, at Haunsla Haara Nahi Children’s Foundation,  we aim to raise awareness about Parental Alienation, build advocacy around this serious issue and garner action through mobilising support and participation from different stakeholders

Our approach

Haunsla Haara Nahi Children’s Foundation, as a not-for-profit organisation, may have taken shape in 2023. However, its genesis dates back over two years, when a famous singer and composer, Kshitij Tarey, took to social media to speak against Parental Alienation. Music, as they say, expresses all emotions and touches our heartstrings. The song, titled ‘Haara nahi’, written, composed and sung by Kshitij, garnered tremendous support across all social media platforms and rightly put forth the gravity of Parental Alienation. You can watch the song here.

speak against Parental Alienation
advocate Shared Parenting

The core group of parents felt to formalise their activities through ‘Haara Nahi’ as a not-for-profit organisation. Through Haunsla Haara Nahi Children’s Foundation, we aim to spread and enhance awareness about Parental Alienation. We want people to come forward without any fear and, speak against Parental Alienation, and advocate Shared Parenting.

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