World Health Organisation and American Psychiatrist Association recognise

Parental Alienation as violence and abuse against children

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation refers to a situation where a child is influenced by one parent to reject and feel animosity towards the other parent and their relatives. It involves one parent consistently badmouthing the other, aiming to damage the affectionate relationship that would typically exist between a child and both parents. This behavior can accompany high-conflict marriages, but most often accompanies family separation or divorce where legal action is involved. he actions, whether spoken or unspoken, lead to the child being psychologically coerced or intimidated into believing that the parent they once loved is now the source of all their troubles, or someone to be feared, despised, disrespected, and shunned.

Why Fight Parental Alienation?

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Ego clashes and money fuel nasty divorces. Unfortunately, innocent children have to face the brunt. A mature way to handle the situation is the minimum separating couples can do for their children. Alas, due to the revengeful approach, in reality, many children are prohibited from meeting one of their parents for months or even years, sometimes even for the rest of their lives. Many times one of the parents tries to alienate the kids from the other parent, which is cruel.
Children need both parents. Once society, especially the parents going through a divorce, understand this, the children of such parents have a better chance at a promising future.
Parental Alienation is one of the worst things an estranged parent suffers in his/her life, and it is also very traumatic for the kids who have no idea what is happening to them. It is a common practice among divorcing couples to use their children as pawns in emotional chess. Such behaviour is tantamount to irresponsible parenting, adversely impacting children’s emotions post-separation. Children often carry the trauma of being manipulated and torn apart emotionally all their lives.
Many of these kids suffer from personality problems, conduct disorder, substance abuse, criminal and antisocial traits, and major depressive disorder, to name a few.  A child’s lifelong emotional health and stability are paramount. During early childhood, feelings of love and respect towards and from both parents are crucial.
Children need both parents effects on children
parenting rights should be shared equally
In today’s modern times, when mothers are equally capable of earning, and fathers are equally capable of taking responsibility for the household, it is time that we as a society start looking at how parenting rights should be shared equally. Both parents equally love and care for their children; there should be no bias in understanding that.
Any parent or family advocating Parental Alienation should remember that when the children get older, they will realise how toxic their parent was and how they used them in their childhood.  Join us in speaking up against this cruel and traumatic Parental Alienation phenomenon. Let’s make this world a happy, loving and conducive place for our children to grow and live.


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